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Going Home

Mlle. Ninon de l'Enclos would never get used to coming back home. Surely when she left its confines for the fun and frivolity of Paris, she swore each time it would be her last visit to her ancestral homelands. The house was a monstrosity, built in a time when pretentious displays of wealth were necessary to keep the peasantry and other visiting dignitaries in line. Surely they had almost lost it all during the Great Terror of the Revolution. Only by swift and skillful political maneuvering were the de Rocheforts able to keep a hand on the wealth the family had kept for centuries from those who would confiscate it and distribute it in the New Republic. It was isolation that had saved them then and hopefully it would be isolation that would be a bastion of hope for Ninon. They say you can never go home, she thought, but that was not necessarily so. Sometimes you had to when left with no other choice.

No matter how many of her friends and the Bourgeoisie of Paris said it, Ninon was not about to give up driving herself. The occupation had made things scarce enough that hiring a driver for those infrequent trips just was not a practical proposition at all.Collapse )

OCC: All characters who either appear here are either used with kind permission and/or profound respect. Special thanks to col_hans_landa for indulging me on this story!

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colour me beautiful

Shamelessly stolen from the Comte de Rochefort....

You Are Exciting Sexy

You are sexy because you are open minded. You find many things sexy.

And to be honest, you find many people sexy. It's hard for you to stick to one lover.

You need new experiences, new fantasies, and new lovers to stay interested in sex.

Otherwise, you get bored out of your mind... and you go looking for trouble.

You are open about your sexuality, and everyone knows exactly what your up to.

That way, no one gets hurt... and maybe more people will get turned on!

How frighteningly accurate! And here I have just arrived, surely none know me so well....well, maybe but a few.*smiles*
colour me beautiful

OOC: Intro

Ninon de L'Enclos is a new muse for me and she is one of those that popped up and would not leave me alone. At this time I am intending to keep her historical, but she is talkative and is open to RP.
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